My paintings and drawings probe notions of femininity, sexuality, and vulnerability. A cast of hybrid, female characters inhabit odd, yet familiar domestic spaces. Using imagery found in cookbooks, medical textbooks, vintage porn magazines, and household catalogs, I synthesize and reimagine the female body. After extracting imagery from its original context, I knit together a new variation on the female nude. The women I create are powerful yet vulnerable, fulfilled yet unsettled, perhaps even insatiable.

Ultimately, my practice leads me to question my motivations. From where do my desires originate: some intrinsic impulse or does culture dictate what I strive for and how I behave? Through my paintings, I wrestle with the desire to be sexy, intelligent, powerful, and fulfilled while Western ideals suggest that those things may come from lingerie, a high paying job, finding the perfect piecrust recipe, and a house complete with a matching set of salt and pepper shakers.